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Here you'll find answers to some of the questions we are asked most frequently. If your query isn't answered here, please do get in touch with us.

Q: Who are you and why should I trust you with my money?
A: That’s a fair question. We are a group of smokers with more than 10 years of experience in the cigarette trade .
***Above all, you don’t have to trust us

Q: What payment methods do you offer?
A: We can accept credit card/debit card ,bitcoin ,USDT(Tether) and bank transfers 

Q: What countries do you ship to and how much does shipping cost?
A: We ship everywhere in the world,the shipping cost is very based on the order quantitiy

Q: How long does it take for my order to arrive?
A: Shipping times range from 7-10 days ,we ship out by ups or dhl express .

Q: Do you ship to PO boxes?
A: Yes, we do. Please keep in mind that shipments have to be signed upon pick-up/delivery.

Q: What does the package look like, is it discreet?
A: It’s a neat white padded cardboard parcel from Moldova that looks like a packaged book, with nothing that mentions tobacco on the outside.

Q: Can I use a fake name for delivery?
A: We strongly advise against it because you won’t be able to retrieve your package from the post office (if they hold it for you) with your ID and the shipment will then be lost.

Q: Do I need to sign for my shipment?
A: Our packages will not, in most cases, require your signature, but it ultimately depends on your local postie. What we know for certain is that in case you’re not at home at the time of delivery and the package doesn’t fit through the parcel door chute, you will need a valid ID to pick it up from your local post office. This is also why we do not recommend using fictitious names when ordering.

Q: Are the cigarettes sold on your website genuine? Where are they produced?
A: We bet you’re asking this because of our low prices (we’ve dwelled into that in our answer to the next question). Yes, they are 100% original, sealed and produced by their respective trademark owners in their own factories across Europe. All the cigarettes sold on our website are produced either in Ukraine, Greece, Portugal or Moldova, depending on the brand, and we are buying them directly from the big wholesalers, skipping the middlemen. We also pay all the duty excise taxes locally, so all of them have genuine excise stamps on the packs which you can verify. Please bear in mind that the warning messages on the packs may differ from the ones presented and will most likely be in Romanian or Ukrainian language.

Q: How come your prices are so low? The same exact brands cost twice/three times more expensive if I buy them locally.
A: It’s because we purchase and send them from poorly developed, Eastern European countries where cigarettes cost a fraction of the price you’re used to pay in the West. There are still huge discrepancies in the standard of living across this world’s countries and as long as this discrepancy persists (as long as you guys keep on borrowing), an arbitrage opportunity will exist and will be exploited. It is also useful to understand who is setting the cigarette prices in the West.

Who sets the cigarette prices?

“There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: Make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible.” – Henry Ford

    In most Western countries, smokers think that cigarettes have become expensive because of higher taxes.
    In reality, according to the World Health Organization at least, though the price of cigarettes has seen a constant increase in the past years, the percentage of their cost that goes to the State has decreased and is today less than half of its value in 1965.
    Meanwhile, the price of cigarettes is at its all-time high.
    The money smokers and their families are forced to spend on cigarettes could otherwise be used on food, clothing or family holidays.
    Having no other option rather than to pay Big Tobacco’s exuberant prices, in the absence of competition, is downright robbery.
    It is not difficult to calculate the earnings of a cigarette manufacturer.
    Even without having the recipe, all we need to do is examine a cigarette to determine the tobaccos used, the amount of reconstituted tobacco and other materials and the paper and filter.
    Knowing the labor cost of a country, having market quotes and prices, it is very easy to calculate the costs of production, and then relate these to the market price.
    The margin of error is minimum.
    Our calculation for the production costs of a carton of Marlboro in the United States is $1.20.
    Considering that this carton is sold to the wholesaler at $7.00, cigarette manufacturing must be one of the most profitable businesses in the world!
    The Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) devised to combat organized crime is the lawsuit of the century, aimed directly at Big Tobacco.
    It failed however to handle their monopolistic control of the market, with which organized crime can increase prices without having to worry about any form of competition.
    The scenario that is opening will give the giants even better prospects for stealing from their consumers.
    With the prohibition of tobacco advertising, they got rid of another big expenditure without needing to reduce their prices.

Q: What does “non-FSC” mean?
A: To put it simply, non-FSC cigarettes are simply “old-school” smokes with no fire retardants added to paper during the manufacturing process. Fire safe cigarettes are designed to extinguish more quickly than non-FSC cigarettes if ignored, with the downside of having to inhale whole new classes of funky chemicals (there are no findings published on the long term health effects on humans of inhaling them yet). Some consumers in the United States claim finding a noticeable difference in the taste of FSC cigarettes from non-FSC cigarettes, comparing it to a copper or metallic taste.
***The cigarettes we sell have less funky chemicals in them and burn faster. Be careful when putting them off, but otherwise enjoy the clean, crisp taste of our tobacco! You can’t really get it locally.

Q: Am I breaking the law by buying cigarettes from you?
A: That is a very common misconception, but buying cigarettes online and receiving them by post is perfectly legal. If you still feel funky about this, feel free to research this topic on your own and if you find a law that stops you from purchasing cigarettes online, please do let us know.

Q: This all sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?
A:I can understand what you are concerning about. since online fraud is becoming more and more serious globally, so you may concern about that We will not send the goods after payment, resulting in irrecoverable losses, but We can promise to you that We are honest businessman., we will send you the goods and provide you with delivery tracking number after your payment is receipt by us .if you can not get your goods in 10 days after payment ,We will issue full refund, We can guarantee you 100% succesful delivery.our aim is for long-term business relationship. I hope you can put your faith to our business ,We will prove that we are worthy of your trust by our long term business relationship .

Q: Will I have to pay excise duty?
A: The short answer is no. The long one sounds like this: it really depends on where you’re ordering from. There are countries like the USA, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and France that didn’t ever (for the past 6 years) ask our customers to pay any sort of tax, even in those rare cases when customs officials manually inspected the contents of the parcels. In other countries like the UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand, an excise duty is sometimes applied. From our experience however, this doesn’t happen more often than about 10% of the time. The truth is that the mail volume is big enough for it to be impractical to scan and verify the contents of each and every incoming parcel, so only a few end up being looked at closely. The funny thing is that in some countries (e.g. Australia & New Zealand), the money that you pay us together with the requested tax will still end up costing less than buying the same cigarettes locally – and only about 10% get inspected in the first place!


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